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According to a survey, humans favor AI-generated copy.

Humans are much more likely to prefer content generated via AI than written by way of a human, according to a stunning new survey.

Why we care. While AI can’t entirely replace people in content material advent, certainly generative AI can create content that resonates with consumers.

Generative AI 6, people 0. In six AI- vs. Human-generated content battles, the generative AI version “won” each.

Here’s an instance of 1 such struggle, in which the mission turned into to put in writing an advent for a blog put up about the excellent cat meals for indoor cats. AI gained 54% to 46%:

In the opposite five battles, AI defeated human beings at writing social media advertisements (70% to 30% and 54% to 47%), writing a blog put up paragraph (60% to forty%), writing a social media submit (sixty five% to 35%), and writing a product description (sixty five% to 35%).

But. While the survey is thrilling and unexpected, it’s important to note that at the same time as AI gained on desire in this survey, that may not translate to actual overall performance (e.G., site visitors, leads, sales, ratings, engagement).

Also, we’ve visible pretty some examples of AI gone incorrect (whats up, Sports Illustrated), including:

These forty four hilariously horrible BuzzFeed travel articles were AI-assisted
Google ranks AI-generated ‘Star Wars’ article lacking E-E-A-T
Microsoft calls deceased NBA player ‘useless’ in AI-written obituary
Methodology. The survey of seven hundred U.S. Purchasers (50.2% male, 49.5% woman) become blanketed as a part of a bigger Semrush file referred to as Think Big with AI: Transforming Small Business Content Marketing” (PDF download required). Age breakdown:

38% of respondents were 25-forty four.
12% were 18-24.
18% had been forty five-54.
32% had been 55 or older.
Semrush “labored with several writers” to create the human replica. To produce the AI content, Semrush used targeted activates (e.G., tips on tone of voice, duration, clarity, goals) and every now and then had to write two or three additional prompts to refine the stop result.

Lessons discovered. As Semrush wrote inside the file:

“These results show that AI-written content may be effective and resonate along with your clients. If you spark off your AI gear well sufficient, you could create enticing and remarkable marketing reproduction.”
“However, our test does no longer endorse that AI is sufficient for content writing.”
Why people in all likelihood preferred the AI-generated content material:

It quickly were given to the factor.
It actually highlighted value propositions or reader worries.
It was easier to examine and recognize.

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